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Best Auto-Injector Case of 2012

Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards Finalists and Winner


Updated April 04, 2012

After tallying thousands of reader nominations and votes, these five epinephrine auto-injector cases emerged as the top five auto-injector cases in our Reader's Choice Awards. All of the finalists deserve thanks and applause for their service to the food allergy community.

And now the countdown to the Winner of Best Auto-Injector Case of 2012:

5. Medipouch

Medipouch, used with permission

Tied for fourth place is Medipouch. Pat Gilbert invented the Medipouch for her nephew who has severe food allergies and did not want to go to school carrying his EpiPen because he did not want to be viewed as “different” by the other kids. Medipouch is designed to be worn comfortably and discreetly under clothing. The pouch is made of neoprene and is machine-washable.

Medipouch carriers have a Velcro closure with pull-tabs that allows for easy access to medications, while keeping them securely in the pouch while it is worn. The Medipouch Compact holds one auto-injector.  There is also a standard-sized pouch that can hold two auto-injectors or an inhaler and one auto-injector. The pouches are available in black, blue or tan, and can be made to fit any size waist.

4. OneSpot Allergy - "The Best EpiPen Belt"

OneSpot Allergy The Best Epi Pen Belt
OneSpot Allergy, used with permission

Also tied for fourth place is OneSpot Allergy's case called "The Best EpiPen Belt." OneSpot Allergy was founded in 2009 by Elizabeth Goldenberg, a Canadian attorney and mother of a child with a peanut and tree nut allergy. Elizabeth is a well-known spokesperson for the allergy community and an expert in food allergy law. She was inspired to create a line of auto-injector carriers by her son.

OneSpot Allergy carrying cases are made of a stretchy fabric that can hold either one or two pens. Because the fabric stretches, the case is very compact. "The Best EpiPen Belt" has one of these stretchy, silky fabric pouches sewn onto a waist belt so the belt can be worn under clothing and not be seen.

3. KoziEpi Duo

KoziEpi autoinjector case

In third place is the KoziEpi Duo, a case that holds two auto-injectors. It is made of durable neoprene and zips closed. The inside of the case has a loop sized for attaching a medical ID.

All KoziEpi cases are handmade in Canada.  They come in patterns that range from plain and simple solids to hip graphic designs. Each design can be ordered as a waist belt, buckle, or clip-on styles that can be clipped to a belt or bag. The waist belt can be modified to be worn over the shoulder, which makes the pouch look like a small, fashionable purse.

2. PillowSewCute Dual Pen Case

PillowSewCute Dual Auto-Injector Case
PillowSewCute, used with permission

In second place are the Dual Pen Cases from PillowSewCute. Karen Kellington started PillowSewCute as an Etsy store in 2009. Her workplace had closed and she decided to go into business herself using an original design for a mini first aid kit she calls an “Ouch Pouch.” The Ouch Pouch is now patented and Karen has sold over 15,000 of them, each one of them made by hand.

Karen began making auto-injector cases after several customers asked her to custom-make one for them. The cases come in stylish fabrics that range from designer florals to kid-friendly owls and cars. The cases snap closed and have a clear front pocket.

Karen has food allergies herself, and her motto is: "If you have to carry around allergy pens, make it fun!"

1. Epissentials Leg Case

Epissentials leg case
Epissentials, used with permission

And the winner of Best Auto-Injector Case of 2012 is: the Epissentials Leg Case!

The Eppissentials Leg Case is an adjustable holder that straps around your ankle and can be worn under pants.  The case is made of comfortable neoprene and features a velcro attachment to fit any size leg, from young child to adult. Epissentials is proudly made in the USA and comes in six colors.

Epissentials was created by Alison DiBiasio, a mother of two children with severe food allergies. After her young children were diagnosed, she would ask herself, “When my children are older and out with their friends, how can I ensure they will have their EpiPen® on them?” Her desire to make sure that her children’s auto-injectors were always on them, not lost in a backpack or purse, led to her developing the Epissentials Leg Case.

Users love that the leg case can be worn under pants, so that children who are embarrassed by wearing a waist pack, or adults who want to wear professional clothing, can keep their auto-injector at hand invisibly.

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