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Allergy-Safe Easter Menu

Easter Recipes for Multiple Food Allergies


Updated March 10, 2008

Unlike Thanksgiving, which almost always revolves around one particular centerpiece dish (the turkey), Easter tends to be more relaxed. Any number of main dishes are reasonably traditional for Easter dinner, and while different families may have favorite desserts for the holiday, no one's going to look at you funny if you serve your favorite allergy-safe cake, cookies, or frozen dessert after the meal. Here's a menu built around some of the traditional Easter entrées. Enjoy!

Entrée Options

Lamb is probably the most popular Easter main dish due to its symbolic associations. A simply roasted leg of lamb, seasoned with salt, pepper, and perhaps some rosemary or garlic, is safe for most food allergies. More elaborate, but quite festive, is a stuffed boneless lamb shoulder.

Other simple popular options include ham or pork. If you buy a ham, do check ingredients used to cure the ham or in any glaze that may be included. (Many include a glaze in a separate pouch, so you can choose whether or not to add it.)

Starchy Sides

Potatoes are among the best matches for lamb, ham or pork. Many traditional celebratory potato dishes include a lot of dairy, but dairy-free alternatives do exist. Most of these recipes are safe for many other allergies as well.

Don't like or can't eat potatoes? Consider rice, which is safe for many food allergies and will also work with many main dish options.

Vegetables and Fruits

Dark green vegetables go well with these main dishes and are an attractive color contrast. Also consider baked fruit as an easy additional side dish, especially if you're cooking for kids. These recipes are free from major allergens.

And For Dessert

Dessert can be simple, especially if you've had candy in the morning. Want to try something elaborate? Make a cake or pie from your favorite allergy-friendly mix, or one of these allergy-safe recipes.

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