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Meet an Award Winner: Alison DiBiasio of Allergy Essentials USA

Winner of Best Auto-Injector Case of 2012


Updated April 05, 2012

Epissentials leg case

Epissentials leg case

Epissentials, used with permission

Alison DiBiasio is the creator of the Epissentials auto-injector holder, winner of the 2012 Reader's Choice Award for Best Auto-Injector Case.

Can you tell me about the history of your company?

I brought my product, Epissentials to market about five years ago under my company Allergy Essentials USA.  The idea of the Epissentials holder started about seven years ago while searching for a way to carry the EpiPens around in a comfortable, discreet, secure and hands-free way.  At the time, there was not a discreet way to safely carry an epinephrine auto-injector and so I set out to develop a holder that could be stylish, comfortable, and discreet and be able to be worn a few different ways.  It was created so that anyone can wear Epissentials whether you're a professional, an athlete, or a child; it can be utilized by anyone.

I also wanted it to be affordable for everyone to be able to purchase.  We also offer complimentary shipping to anywhere in the USA and Canada.  It was also very important to me to have a superior, quality made product that was manufactured in the USA.  Exceptional customer service and a great quality product is what my customers can expect from my company.

What do you hope your product will do for people living with food allergies?

I understand firsthand what people with food allergies go through on a daily basis to manage their allergies.  My hope is that Epissentials is able to take one less worry away.  By wearing Epissentials, an allergy sufferer always knows where their life-saving medicine is.  It also helps people who are self conscious about their allergy to feel comfortable in knowing that their EpiPen is always with them yet completely discreet.   I am a busy mom of three wonderful children -- wearing the Epissentials holder gives me a peace of mind that if an emergency should arise, I am not scrambling around looking for an EpiPen, I have it on me!

Do you or a family member have food allergies?

I have a food allergy as well as two very close family members.

What advice do you have for someone who is newly diagnosed (or has a family member who is newly diagnosed) with food allergies?

Too often families of children with food allergies are regarded as being over cautious or paranoid.  However, I believe that everyone has their own comfort zone as well as their own process of learning about and managing their food allergies.  My advice is to find your own comfort zone and then educate everyone around you about that comfort zone.

We are fortunate that there is an abundance of information and products available, as well as a great awareness of food allergies that was not present ten years ago.  Just as important, within the food allergy community, there are many people who are willing to help one another navigate through the world of food allergies - you just have to be open to asking for help!

Is there anything you would like to say about winning the 2012 Reader's Choice Award?

I cannot express enough how excited and completely honored I am!  Thank you to About.com for including Epissentials in the nominations and to all my loyal customers for taking the time out of your busy lives to vote; it is greatly appreciated!!

Is there anything else you would like to share with About.com readers about yourself, your business, or your food allergy journey?

I would like to invite everyone who is looking to carry their autoinjectors in the safest way possible to view my website to see how we can help them take one less worry away!  Remember that our product is manufactured in the USA and every order helps support jobs in our country.  It is important for us in the allergen community to continue to bring awareness and educate as many people and companies as we can to help make managing our allergies a little easier.

Special thanks to About.com for doing their part in spreading the word and making the community aware of the great products available to them and their loved ones!

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