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Six iPhone Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Food Allergies

By January 6, 2009

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While I am not a cell phone person, there are (to me at least) a gobsmacking number of iPhones among my extended family. And whenever two iPhone owners get together, one of the first questions is, "what Apps do you have?" At which point there is much oohing and aahing over, say, the spiffy alarm clock or the nifty Crayon Physics game.

The upshot of all this iPhone slinging is that I got to spend a fair bit of time poking around the App store for allergy-related iPhone Apps. The most obvious absences I found? I had a hard time finding a food log that's not aimed at weight loss or diabetes management, or an app to help decipher food labels, especially for ingredients not covered by FALCPA. But there are some apps that you might find worthwhile. This is by no means intended as a comprehensive list, since new Apps are added all the time and pricing and other details can change without notice. All six of these programs, some allergen-specific and some more general, are currently rated at least good by iPhone users and are available for download on iTunes or in the App store:

  • Allergy Companion NoPeanut ($2.99). Includes multi-language allergy restaurant cards and emergency cards for around the world, links to information about allergens, and foods to avoid in major chain restaurants around the United States and Canada.
  • WebArtisan Food Additives ($3.99). Provides general information about the provenance of several hundred food additives, including those that are inappropriate for gluten-free or other additive-free diets.
  • Pepper Stuff Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards from CeliacTravel.com (Free). Multi-language allergy cards that celiacs can show to waitstaff and chefs to help manage a gluten-free diet abroad. (Also useful to those with wheat allergies.)
  • Jive Media LLC Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide ($1.99). Basic first aid articles, plus a place to store your doctor's contact information and your allergies and medication (or your child's).
  • Polka Close Call (Free). Allows you to overlay an emergency phone number and a short message ("I am allergic to shellfish," e.g.) over a custom wallpaper image so that in an emergency, someone who finds your phone can get to an emergency contact without unlocking your iPhone.
  • e-Agent Asthma-Charter ($4.99). Peak flow and medication monitoring application that charts your measurements and allows you to share your results with your doctor. Useful if, like many people with food allergies, you're managing asthma too.
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