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Low-Carb Snacks

Food Allergies: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Carrots with Cinnamon
Allergy-safe, kid-friendly, healthy recipe for carrots with cinnamon.
The Fastest Wheat-Free Gravy on the Planet
A basic wheat-free or gluten-free poultry gravy, made from scratch --- no chicken or turkey required!
The 10 Most Common Causes of Diarrhea
Diarrhea can be caused by many factors. Learn about the common diseases, conditions, and allergies that may cause sudden or chronic diarrhea.
Can You Have an Allergy to Alcohol?
Concerned about alcohol allergies or alcohol intolerances? Learn about how food allergies can affect your ability to drink alcoholic beverages.
How to Cook Without Onions or Garlic for Food...
Avoiding onions and garlic due to allergies? Learn the basics of cooking without onions and garlic.
How to Recognize an Allergic Reaction
Do you know the symptoms of food allergies? Learn how to recognize the signs of a food allergy and how it can affect the entire body.
Soy-Free Diet: Foods to Avoid
A list of soy foods and ingredients to avoid if you have a soy allergy.
Yes, It's Possible To Be Allergic To Apples....
Does your mouth tingle or itch or swell after eating apples? You may have an apple allergy. Learn the symptoms and when you should see your doctor.
Dairy-Free Butter Alternatives
Learn about great alternatives to butter for dairy-free cooking.
Crash Course on the Most Common Food Allergens
Everything you need to know about the most common food allergies: milk, soy, egg, wheat, peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish.
Could Your Odd Symptoms Mean You're Allergic to...
Are you sensitive to citric acid? Learn the symptoms of citric acid allergy and possible causes of sensitivity to this very common food additive.
11 Ways To Cope with Christmas or Pine Tree...
Christmas trees can cause or aggravate your allergies, especially if you're allergic to pine trees. Here are 11 tips to help you avoid problems.
Foods People on a Gluten-Free Diet Should Avoid
Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease? Here are a list of foods to avoid on your gluten free diet.
What Are the Causes of Hives?
Hives are a common food allergy symptom. Learn how to recognize hives, common causes of hives, and when to call a doctor.
Wheat-Free 101
Wheat allergy is one of the most common food allergies in the United States. Prime yourself with everything you need to know here.
Don't Throw Your Used EpiPen in the Trash!...
Don't throw your used or expired EpiPen in the garbage! Learn where you can take old EpiPens for safe disposal, and why you need a new one so often.
Can You Drink Vodka if You’re Allergic to...
If you have celiac disease or a wheat allergy, can you drink vodka? Find out about whether you can drink vodka or other distilled alcohol with a wheat allergy.
The Tree Nut Allergy Diet Guide
Got a tree nut allergy? Find everything you need to know here, including symptoms, multiple tree nut allergy, eating out, ingredients and anaphylaxis.
Is Coconut a Tree Nut?
Do people with tree nut allergies need to avoid coconuts? Find out whether coconut allergy is a subtype of tree nut allergy.
Itchy Rash? How It Might Be Connected to Your...
Can food allergies affect eczema? Find out about eczema, food allergies, and what to expect at your doctor's office.
4 Simple Remedies for Diarrhea
Most diarrhea will go away without medical help, but there are exceptions. Here's what to do - and what not to do - when you have diarrhea.
Before You Buy a Thanksgiving Turkey
On Thanksgiving, turkey may seem to be the least of your worries when trying to avoid food allergens. Depending on your food allergies, though, that can be a mistake. Find out what you need to know about buying a turkey for Thanksgiving if you have food allergies.
Are You Allergic to Hazelnuts? Learn About...
Hazelnut allergy is among the most common nut allergies. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of hazelnut allergy, plus how to stay safe.
Histamine Intolerance? Don't Eat These Foods
Overview: "True" allergic reactions involve histamine , but histamine intolerance is different. Histamine
Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner
Looking for allergy-friendly ideas for Thanksgiving dinner? Our complete menu has dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and egg-free recipes for everything from turkey to pumpkin pie.
The Milk Allergy Diet Guide
From symptoms and food to avoid, find out about cow's milk allergy here.
Is There Such a Thing as a Chocolate Allergy?
Some people get sick whenever they eat chocolate, but does a true chocolate allergy exist? Learn the truth about the allergens that can make you sick.
10 Eggless High Protein Breakfasts
Want the benefits of a high protein breakfast without the egg? Check out these 10 ideas.
The Egg-Free Diet Guide
Egg allergy is one of the most common food allergies in children. Find out everything you need to know about egg allergy here.
Outback Steakhouse Food Allergy Information
Food allergy information for Outback Steakhouse.
6 Possible Medical Reasons Your Child Isn't...
If your child refuses to eat, it could just be picky eating, but it also could be a medical problem. See your pediatrician if the problem persists.
Allergen-Free Sweet Potato Casserole
A not-too-sweet version of Thanksgiving favorite sweet potato casserole, safe for most common food allergies.
6 Delicious Egg Substitutes
Six different egg substitutes for allergy cooking with tips on how and when to use each egg subsitute.
Everything You Need to Know About Shellfish...
Are you allergic to shellfish? Learn the symptoms of a shellfish allergy, foods to avoid on a shellfish-free diet, and how to manage a shellfish allergy.
Did You Know You're More Likely to Be Allergic...
Does your mouth itch, or swell after eating fresh fruits or vegetables? You might have oral allergy syndrome, which is related to pollen allergies.
Lactose Intolerance
Are you lactose intolerant? Do you think you might be? Learn about the signs, symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis of lactose intolerance.
I heard almond extract is safe for a tree nut...
Is almond extract safe for tree nut allergy? How could that be?
Cross-Contamination? Not with These Top Tips!
Cross-contamination is a concern for individuals with food allergies. Learn how to minimize it at home, in products, and at restaurants.
19 Yummy Egg-Free Cake Recipes for (Almost)...
Love cake but can't eat eggs? Try 19 egg-free cake recipes (from chocolate to dairy-free cheesecake), or learn how to replace eggs in your own recipe.
Red, Itchy Rash: Do I Have Hives?
You ate something and now you have a red, itchy rash. Could you have hives? One symptom of a food allergy is hives--what you need to know is here.
How Can I Interpret the Numbers on my RAST Test...
How can I interpret the numbers on my RAST test results?
What Seeds Are Allowed on a Tree Nut-Free Diet?
Do you have tree nut allergies? Learn whether sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds are safe to eat on a tree nut-free diet.
The Fish Allergy Diet Guide
Everything you need to know about managing a fish allergy.
Anaphylaxis: A Serious Allergic Reaction
Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that involves more than one body system. Everything you need to know is here.
Why You Should Worry About A Sudden Drop in...
Many people have blood pressure that's considered low. But when you have a sudden drop in blood pressure that causes symptoms, you should get help.
7 Interesting Dairy-Free Substitutes
If you have a dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, or just giving up milk for awhile, here's a cheat sheet to current dairy alternatives on the market.
23 Delicious Egg-Free Cookie Recipes
These cookie recipes are vegan. If you can tolerate dairy products, substitute regular milk for the soy or coconut milk in the recipes.
What Is a RAST Test?
A RAST test, or radioallergosorbent test, is a type of blood test used to diagnose allergies. Learn how a RAST test works and what to expect at the doctor's office.
Hives (Urticaria) on Child
Photo of hives on child's chest.
Photo of Adult with Hives (Urticaria)
Images of adult with hives (urticaria) on back. Page 2.
How Much Cleaning Will Make Schools Safe for...
Learn exactly what cleaning is necessary to make school (and other spaces) safe for children and adults with severe allergies to peanuts.
A Recipe for Basic Microwave Spaghetti Squash
Learn how to cook spaghetti squash in the microwave. Includes numerous serving suggestions.
Egg-Free Sugar Cookies
Delicious, buttery, egg-free sugar cookies. Just like grandma used to make, only without the eggs.
26 Terrific Holiday Gifts You Can Give to...
Shopping for someone on your list who has food allergies? Here are 26 great potential gifts you can get them, plus a long list of what not to buy.
Could Your Baby Be Allergic To Milk? Learn the...
There are several types of dairy allergies babies can develop. Here's a rundown of symptoms, plus how to test for milk allergy in your infant.
Itchy, Watery, Swollen Eyes (Allergic...
Allergic Conjunctivitis. Food Allergies. Page 5.
Foods to Avoid with a Shellfish Allergy
Learn the foods to avoid on a shellfish-free diet, including the difference between crustaceans and mollusks, and foods that may contain shellfish as a hidden ingredient.
How to Tell if Your Food Is Making You Sick
You can safely and effectively use a food elimination diet to help you figure out if you have a food allergy or intolerance. Here's how to proceed.
Abdominal pain
Woman holding stomach, sitting on bed. Page 7.
Is Annatto Safe If You're Allergic to Nuts?...
Annatto isn't classified as a tree nut, but some people report serious allergic reactions to it. Learn about annatto allergy and how to avoid annatto.
Eczema on Ankles and Feet
Eczema on ankles and feet. Food Allergies. Page 3.
Should You Use Hypoallergenic Infant Formula...
Hypoallergenic infant formula, like Nutramigen, Neocate, and Alimentum, may be a good choice for babies with food allergies. Learn more about hypoallergenic infant formula here.
14 Tips for an Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving with food allergies can be healthy and safe.
Am I Allergic to Alcohol?
The difference between the alcohol allergy and alcohol intolerance can be confusing. This article teases out the difference between the two.
Shortness of Breath or Wheezing After Eating...
Shortness of breath, wheezing or trouble breathing after eating can be signs of a serious medical condition. Don't wait to get emergency medical help.
The 12 Best Milk-Free Sources of Calcium
Got a milk allergy? You need a plan for meeting your calcium requirements. Read on for helpful information on how to match your calcium needs with dairy-free foods.
Allergy-Friendly Green Bean Casserole
Not only is this old favorite now free of major allergens, its fresh taste will have your non-allergic guests asking for the recipe.
Beyond Rice and Corn: Wheat-Free Grain...
If you've got a wheat allergy or celiac disease, lesser-known grains can add variety to your diet. Here's an introduction to six less-common grains, plus some great wheat-free and gluten-free recipes for each.
The Soy Allergy Diet Guide
Soy allergy is a common food allergy in children. Learn the basics about what to eat and how to manage your soy allergy here.
Infant with Eczema
Photo of infant with eczema. Food Allergies. Page 4.
3 Festive Thanksgiving Food Ideas Kids Will...
If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, or showing up with an addition to the meal festivities, check out these 3 festive food ideas.
Your Child Finds Food Textures 'Gross':...
If your child rejects foods with a particular texture (such as crunchy or slimy) is it just picky eating, or could he have a possible medical problem?
How To Make Substitutions in Recipes
When a member of your family is diagnosed with an allergy, you don't have to throw away all your favorite cookbooks, or to ignore every recipe you come across that has a potential allergen. Here's a step-by-step guide to figuring out when substitutions can work, and which potential substitutes will give you the best results.
Peanut-Free and Nut-Free Snacks Kids (And Their...
Has your school gone peanut- and nut-free? Here are five recipes (plus many more ideas) for allergy-friendly snacks that will make the kids happy.
14 Surprising Foods Containing Soy
14 surprising foods and ingredients containing soy.
Can I Eat Lobster or Other Shellfish with a...
Does a shrimp allergy mean you have to avoid lobster, crab, scallops or other shellfish? Read on to learn about what your shrimp allergy means for seafood in your diet.
24 Egg-Free Protein-Packed Snacks
Finding snacks without eggs that are nutritious, delicious, and easy to make isn’t always easy—until now.
5 Key Steps Before You Send Your Food Allergic...
Preparing your child for school is key to keeping him safe and free from allergic reaction.Take these 5 steps before your child even steps in the classroom!
An Egg-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free Potato Salad...
Lighten up your potato salad and avoid major food allergens with this recipe that is free of eggs, soy, dairy, and wheat.
When Is It Safe to Feed Your Baby Eggs?
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for 4 to 6 months, and that foods be introduced gradually after that time.
I Have a Peanut Allergy. Do I Need to Avoid...
Learn whether people with a peanut allergy need to avoid legumes like soy, beans and peas.
Corn-Free Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Ginger
Corn-free recipe for Thanksgiving cranberry sauce with orange and ginger.
Are Egg Substitutes Safe if You Have an Egg...
Learn whether the commercial egg substitutes in your supermarket are suitable for egg allergies.
How to Eat Pasta When You Have a Gluten Allergy
All about buying, reading labels for, and what to expect from different kinds of wheat-free pasta and gluten-free pasta.
Fish Allergy: What You Should Know Before...
What you should know before taking Omega-3 supplements if you have a fish allergy.
Photos of Common Food Allergy Symptoms
Images of common food allergy symptoms, such as eczema, hives, and angioedema.
The Peanut Allergy Diet Guide
Peanut allergies are the third most common food allergy for American children and the second most common for adults. Find out how to manage your peanut allergy here.
When Should You Use Wheat-Free and Gluten-Free...
There's no perfect substitute for wheat flour for people with wheat allergies or celiac disease. Learn about the different types of wheat-free and gluten-free flour and how they're best used.
Carrabba's Food Allergy Information
Food Allergy Information for Carrabba's Italian Restaurants.
When Should I Go To the Doctor for Food Allergy...
Worried about possible food allergy symptoms? Here's when you should go to the doctor for suspected food allergies.
8 Soy-Free Vegetarian Protein Sources
Can you be a healthy vegetarian or vegan and not eat tofu and other soy foods? Here are eight high-protein vegetarian foods that are great protein sources for soy allergies.
Does Your Baby or Young Child Gag When Eating...
If your child gags while eating solid foods, she might be a picky eater or she might have a medical problem. Learn when to see your pediatrician.
Top 5 Ways to Have a Balanced Diet Without Dairy
When you're diagnosed with a milk allergy, you may be concerned about maintaining a healthy dairy-free diet. Dairy allergies need not keep you from a balanced diet! Learn how to eat a nutritious milk-free diet with adequate protein, calcium, and vitamins.
Sulfite Allergy
Wondering about sulfite allergy? Learn the basics of sulfite allergy -- how sulfites can cause asthma in people with sulfite allergy, which foods are high in sulfites, and how to dine out safely with a sulfite allergy.
Am I Sensitive to Sulfite?
Is that glass of beer making your face flush and your body flash with heat? You may have sulfite intolerance, also known as sulfite sensitivity.
How to Read an Ingredients Label for Food...
Knowing how to read an ingredients label can save your life. Literally. Find out how here.
Asthma and Food Allergies
The link between asthma and food allergies, and what patients with asthma or food allergies can do to keep both conditions well-controlled.
Top Five Methods for Diagnosing Food Allergies
Five tools your doctor is likely to use to diagnose food allergies --- skin testing, elimination diets, and more.
Can I Eat White Chocolate If I'm Sensitive to...
Learn whether you can eat white chocolate with a chocolate allergy.
24 Yummy Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Recipes for...
Cooking without wheat or gluten means using new ingredients. These 24 wheat-free gluten-free breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes will get you started.
14 Hidden Allergens You Need to Know About
Food alone isn't the only concern when you have a food allergy. Check out these 14 items that may contain hidden allergens.
Does Your Baby Have a Food Allergy?
Learn to recognize the signs of food allergies and sensitivities in babies.
22 Surprising Foods That Contain Wheat
If you're avoiding wheat due to a food allergy, you need to know where it's hiding. Check out these 22 foods with wheat.
The Inside Scoop: Top 10 Reasons for Diarrhea
With a food allergy, knowing your “norm” when it comes frequency and consistency of bowel movements can help you interpret when things become “off.”
Eating at Restaurants with Shellfish Allergies
Shellfish allergies can make eating at restaurants treacherous. Learn tips for restaurant safety, the easiest kinds of cuisine to eat with a shellfish allergy, and shellfish reaction risks at many types of restaurants.
Pumpkin and Apple Soup
Pumpkin and apple soup, suitable for Thanksgiving dinner.
Mushroom-Sage Risotto
An allergy-safe recipe for mushroom-sage risotto, an Italian rice dish.
When You Should Start Worrying About Your...
Is your child really just a picky eater? Or could she have a hidden medical problem? Learn the difference, and when to ask your pediatrician for help.
Allergic to Peanuts? Learn Which Airlines Will...
Major U.S. airlines differ dramatically in how they accommodate customers with peanut and other food allergies. Learn the rules for each airline.
How to Find Hidden Egg Ingredients
Reading the ingredient label isn't the only thing you have to worry about when you have an egg allergy. Check out this list of hidden egg ingredients in everyday food.
How to Pay For EpiPen Without Insurance
How to pay for your Epipen without Health Insurance
Chain Restaurant Allergy Guides
Are you often on the road and wondering about potential eating options? Here's an compilation of allergy policies from national chain restaurants.
Food Allergy Cooking Substitutes
Need great food substitutes due to an allergy? Here are cooking substitutes for twenty pantry and refrigerator staples.
Living with Egg Allergy? Here are 23+ Delicious...
If you're living with egg allergy, these egg-free recipes will enable you to make your old favorites - yes, even mayonnaise and eggnog - without eggs.
Nut-Free Trail Mix
Most trail mixes have peanuts, almonds, or other nuts. Here's a recipe that's free from peanuts and tree nuts. Happy hiking!
Can you get vaccines if you are allergic to eggs?
Is it safe to be vaccinated if you have egg allergies? Here's the latest word on whether it's safe to receive common immunizations, including flu vaccines and the MMR, if you have an egg allergy.
Before You Eat at a Chain Restaurant
Hints and tips for eating fast food at chain restaurants if you have food allergies. Learn about fast food and food allergies.
Sample Food Allergy Letter
A template of a food allergy letter for parents to send out at the beginning of the school year.
These Allergy-Friendly Pancakes Are Perfectly...
Yes, it's possible to make light, fluffy pancakes without eggs. If you're allergic to eggs or avoiding them, you'll like this egg-free pancake recipe.
25+ Delicious Recipes If You Have Milk Allergy...
Looking for dairy-free recipes? Here are more than 25 delicious allergy-friendly recipes for people living with milk allergy or lactose intolerance.
How You Can Help Prevent Food Allergies in Your...
Introducing solid foods to babies at risk for food allergies can be daunting. Learn how you can safely feed your baby and guard against allergies.
Allergic to Soy? 29 Non-Food Places You Could...
People who are allergic to soy need to know that soybean ingredients can appear in many non-food products. Here's a list of where you might find soy.
Allergy Medication and Airport Security
Learn Department of Transportation regulations for taking allergy medication through airport security, including how to travel with an EpiPen or other injectible epinephrine.
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D with Your Food...
How do you get enough vitamin D when you have food allergies? It's not easy, but I've got some guidelines for you here.
Rare But Real: 7 Uncommon Food Allergies You...
More than 160 foods have caused food allergy reactions. Learn more about which rare foods cause a real food allergic reaction here.
These Lemon Vanilla Cupcakes Are Free of 3...
This simple allergy-friendly cupcake and cake recipe has a delicate lemon vanilla flavor. It makes a great birthday cake with allergen-free frosting.
Is There Really Milk in That?!
Got a milk allergy? Check out these 18 surprising and unlikely foods with milk.
Children Who Only Eat One or Two Foods
Your child will only eat chicken nuggets and plain noodles. Is she a picky eater, or could it be a sign of a hidden medical problem?
Allergy-Friendly Latkes Make A Great Addition...
Your guests will never believe that these delicious latkes contain no eggs, dairy, or soy. Make them for a Hanukkah feast or anytime as a side dish.
Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Mashed Potatoes
Deliciously creamy mashed potatoes are still possible, even if you can't eat dairy or soy.
Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Other Forms of...
Learn the basics about eosinophilic esophagitis and other forms of eosinophilic enteropathy: signs, symptoms, what to expect at the doctor's office, and resources for coping with restricted diets.
Coconut Allergy 101
Coconut allergy is rare, however it is problematic for some individuals with food allergy. Find out everything about a coconut allergy here.
I've Seen Probiotics Advertised to Prevent Food...
Should you take probiotics to prevent food allergies? Here's the latest research on probiotics and allergies, including food allergies and eczema.
Onion-Free, Garlic-Free Chicken Chili
Recipe for onion-free, garlic-free chicken chili -- all the chili flavor without onions or garlic.
McDonald's Food Allergy Information
Food allergy information for McDonald's fast food restaurants.
10 Hearty, Milk-Free Breakfast Ideas
Don't be stumped when it comes to milk-free breakfast ideas. I've got 10 hearty, nutritious ideas you'll jump out of bed for!
Food Allergies
An introduction to how the immune system works to cause food allergies.
How To Administer Emergency Treatment for a...
Do you know how to treat a food allergy emergency? Find out how to treat anaphylaxis (anaphylactic shock). You may save a life!
Christmas Desserts and Multiple Food Allergies
Wondering what to bake with an egg allergy, dairy allergy, or wheat allergy? Check out this collection of Christmas desserts and cookies suitable for multiple food allergies.
Top 9 Substitutes for Peanut Butter
At a loss to replace peanut butter and jelly in an allergic child's lunchbox? Here are nine ideas for sandwich spreads for kids with peanut allergies.
Allergens in Medication
It's ironic that the medicine you take to make you healthy can cause an allergic reaction if you have a food allergy. Learn how to protect yourself from food allergens in medication.
Curious about angioedema? Learn what angioedema is and some of its causes here.
What’s Causing my Food Sensitivity? Top 8...
Many people live with symptoms of food sensitivity. Find out the most common culprits of food sensitivity and their associated symptoms here.
Creamy Milk-Free Strawberry Banana Smoothie
A milk-free strawberry-banana smoothie recipe for an easy, healthy breakfast.
7 Foods That May Make You Smarter
Food may make you smarter. Check out these 7 foods that may strengthen your brain function today, and promote long-term brain health for tomorrow.
Celiac Disease
Definition of celiac disease from your About.com Guide to Food Allergies
This Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Frosting Recipe Will...
This simple allergy-friendly frosting recipe is dairy- and soy-free. It suits cakes and cookies. Make it in vanilla, or experiment with other flavors.
Can You Eat Eggs in Baked Goods if You are...
If you are allergic to eggs, can you still tolerate eggs in baked goods? Or should you avoid all eggs?
Soy-Free Recipes
A collection of soy-free recipes on the About.com Food Allergies Guidesite.

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