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Soy Allergies

Learn about the symptoms, treatment, and management of soy allergies.

Soy Allergy: What You Need to Know
Learn the signs and symptoms of soy allergies and intolerances, foods you may need to avoid, and how to manage your soy allergy.

Soy Allergy
The basics of soy allergies: soy allergy symptoms, soy allergies and vegetarian families, and how soy allergies affect formula-feeding infants.

List of Soy Ingredients to Avoid When Following a Soy-Free Diet
Avoiding soy can be difficult, since it is extremely present in our food supply and in non-food consumer products. Here is a list of soy ingredients and foods to avoid when eating a soy-free diet.

Surprising Non-Food Soybean Products
Soybeans are being used for more and more products, from cosmetics to graffiti remover. Here are some surprising products that may contain soybeans.

Soy-Free Vegetarian Protein Sources

"How can you be a vegetarian if you can't eat tofu?!" That's a common question for vegetarians with soy allergies. Soy is the main ingredient not only of tofu but also of tempeh, most textured vegetable protein meat substitutes, and a wide variety of vegetarian convenience foods. However, there are a variety of foods…

Soy-Free Recipes
A collection of soy-free recipes on the About.com Food Allergies Guidesite.

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