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Reading Labels

A crash course in reading labels, along with news about changes in rules and regulations that affect people with food allergies.

Food Allergen Labeling Law
What allergens are manufacturers required to list on food labels? What are the exceptions?

Do Restaurants have to Provide Food Allergy Warnings?
Are restaurants required to list food allergens under the FDA food allergen labeling law?

Read Labels for Allergens
Reading food labels can save your life if you have a food allergy. Learn how from your About.com Guide to Food Allergies.

Decipher Food Labels for Allergies
Decipher food labels for allergies by learning what manufacturer claims are worth reading and which to be skeptical about.

Do 'may contain allergen' and similar food allergy labels really matter?
Do "may contain" or "shared manufacturing line" warnings on food labels really matter? Learn about food allergy labels and how to find out whether packaged foods were manufactured along with foods you're allergic to.

Top 7 Sources of Hidden Allergens
It's easy to remember to look for allergens in your food. However, non-food items also can trigger allergic reactions if made with allergenic ingredients. While the biggest offenders are obviously items that are ingested, don't overlook substances on your hands, as most people touch their faces far more often than they realize. Remember: always read labels before using or ingesting a product.

Buy a Thanksgiving Turkey
On Thanksgiving, turkey may seem to be the least of your worries when trying to avoid food allergens. Depending on your food allergies, though, that can be a mistake. Find out what you need to know about buying a turkey for Thanksgiving if you have food allergies.

How Can I Report an Allergic Reaction to a Mislabeled Food?
Learn how to respond to an allergic reaction to mislabeled food - what to do and whom to contact.

Sources of Hidden Allergens
It's not just pollen and mold that can cause allergies -- allergens are often hidden in cosmetics, lotions, medications and even adhesives.

Allergy Recall Alerts --- Signing Up for FDA Allergy Recall Alerts
The FDA issues allergy recall alerts when products on the market contain undeclared allergens. Find out how to sign up for online notices so that you'll be the first to know when recall alerts are issued.

FALCPA Frequently Asked Questions
Consumer-friendly question and answer document about current food-labeling laws in the U.S.

How to Read a Food Allergy Warning Label
NPR article about controversies in labeling laws and helpful tips for allergy patients.

14 Hidden Allergens in Everyday Products
Food alone isn't the only concern when you have a food allergy. Check out these 14 items that may contain hidden allergens.

12 Surprising Sources of Peanut
Read about these twelve surprising sources of peanut allergen the peanut-allergic person should avoid.

18 Surprising Foods that Contain Milk
Got a milk allergy? Check out these 18 surprising and unlikely foods with milk.

Curds and Whey

Youd Never Guess Where the Wheat is Hiding
If you're avoiding wheat due to a food allergy, you need to know where it's hiding. Check out these 22 foods with wheat.

Milk-Free Sources of Calcium

Uncover Hidden Egg Ingredients
Reading the ingredient label isn't the only thing you have to worry about when you have an egg allergy. Check out this list of hidden egg ingredients in everyday food.

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