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Fish and Shellfish Allergies

Living with Fish and Shellfish Allergies

Can I Eat Lobster or Other Shellfish with a Seafood Allergy?
Does a shrimp allergy mean you have to avoid lobster, crab, scallops or other shellfish? Read on to learn about what your shrimp allergy means for seafood in your diet.

Foods to Avoid with a Shellfish Allergy
Living with a shellfish allergy? Foods to avoid on a shellfish-free diet, including foods commonly containing shellfish.

Fish Allergy: What You Should Know Before Taking Omega-3 Supplements
What you should know before taking Omega-3 supplements if you have a fish allergy.

Eating at Restaurants with Shellfish Allergies
Shellfish allergies can make eating at restaurants treacherous. Learn tips for restaurant safety, the easiest kinds of cuisine to eat with a shellfish allergy, and shellfish reaction risks at many types of restaurants.

Fish Allergy - What You Need To Know
Get to know the basics about fish allergies: Symptoms, what can masquerade as a fish allergy, and foods to avoid in restaurants and grocery stores.

Shellfish Allergy: What You Need to Know
Are you allergic to shellfish? Learn the symptoms of a shellfish allergy, foods to avoid on a shellfish-free diet, and how to manage a shellfish allergy.

Glucosamine and Shellfish Allergy
Information about glucosamine for individuals with shellfish allergies.

Shellfish Allergy Diet
List of foods that indicate the presence of shellfish on a menu or ingredient label.

Foods to Avoid on a Fish-Free Diet
Sources of hidden fish ingredients and names of common fish found in food.

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