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Out and About with Food Allergies

Learn how you can manage your allergies when you're away from home, whether you're across the globe or just at a neighborhood restaurant.

Airline Food Allergy Policies
Airline food allergy policies and information on special meals for major U.S. airlines.

Food Allergies and Parties

Picture this: You're planning a bash at your place to welcome some old friends who have just moved to your town. You've bought drinks, shopped for snacks, planned to cook a few things the morning of the party, and gotten everything clean when a friend calls. "Do you mind if I bring one of my coworkers?" she says. No, of course you don't. "Oh, by the way, she's really allergic to wheat. Is that…

Sporting Events and Food Allergies

The challenge of sporting events for severe food allergies is obvious: crowds of people, vendors without ingredient lists, questionably clean seating areas. Does that make attending your favorite sport live impossible? For most people, no. Depending on your allergies, though, it may take some preparation. Here's how to prepare for a trip to a sporting event and some pitfalls to be aware of at …

Best Theme Parks for Food Allergies
Readers review theme parks for their treatment of guests with food allergies and availability of allergy-friendly foods.

10 Tips for Picnics with Food Allergies

Most people like eating outside. There's just something relaxing about being outdoors. But there are a few pitfalls to picnicking with food allergies: lack of access to hand-washing facilities, temptation to share food, and potentially being far from civilization in the event of a reaction. Luckily, advance planning can make picnicking safer. Read on for 10 ways to make safe picnicking with al…

Food Allergies and Grilling
Grilling with food allergies can be safe and delicious -- if you take a few precautions.

Allergy Medication and Airport Security
Learn Department of Transportation regulations for taking allergy medication through airport security, including how to travel with an EpiPen or other injectible epinephrine.

Avoid Allergy Cross-Contamination
Even foods made without allergens aren't safe if they've come into contact with allergy-triggering foods. Here's how to avoid cross-contamination at home and in restaurants.

Allergy Translation Cards
Traveling with food allergies? Consider buying an allergy translation card to make international travel easier.

How to Safely Enjoy a Cookout with Food Allergies
Strategies to help you safely navigate a cookout at home or as a guest with food allergies.

Traveling with Food Allergies and Restricted Diets
Whether you're traveling across the country for work or four hours up the road for a week at Grandma's, you'll have to think about your restricted diet, especially the first few times you travel with it. But it won't take long for you to become a pro. Here's what you need to think about when you're on the road with food allergies or intolerances of any kind.

Disney World with Food Allergies
For travelers with food allergies, Disney World really is the most magical place on earth. Where else can a child with multiple allergies walk up to a counter and order chicken nuggets and know they will be safe to eat? Or lick the frosting off a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free cupcake? My family and I traveled to Orlando last winter,...

Super Bowl Parties and Food Allergies

Whether you're hosting a Super Bowl party and anticipating guests with food allergies, or whether you have allergies and are planning to host a crowd, one thing's for sure: this is one bash where gluttony's the norm. Is it possible to have an allergy-friendly Super Bowl party that will satisfy your guests who can (and will) eat anything and everything? Absolutely -- with some pre-party plann…

Top 8 Tips for Eating Out with Allergies
Eating out can be daunting with food allergies. Ceding control of what goes on your plate can be intimidating, especially when the kitchen is behind closed doors and you can't be sure whether your waiter understands exactly what you mean by "allergic to dairy." Still, though, learning how to eat out with food allergies can greatly expand your social possibilities and give you a much-needed break from the kitchen. Read on for eight tips that can help you safely negotiate the rough-and-tumble world of restaurants.

Prepare for Airline Travel with Food Allergies
How to prepare for airline travel with allergies, including severe peanut allergies.

7 Tips for an Allergic Reaction-Free Holiday
7 tips for preventing allergic reaction during the holidays.

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