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Nut Allergies

Learn more about the symptoms, treatment, and management of nut allergies.

Tree Nut Allergy
Do you have a tree nut allergy? Find out more about the symptoms and management of tree nut allergies.

Nut Ingredients – List of Tree Nuts and Nut Ingredients
Ingredients and foods to avoid when you are eating a nut-free diet.

Tree Nut-Free Recipes
List of tree nut-free recipes on the About.com Food Allergies site

Is Coconut a Tree Nut?
Do people with tree nut allergies need to avoid coconuts? Find out whether coconut allergy is a subtype of tree nut allergy.

I heard almond extract is safe for a tree nut allergy. How could that be?
Is almond extract safe for tree nut allergy? How could that be?

Can You Eat Sunflower, Pumpkin, and Sesame Seeds on a Tree Nut-Free Diet?
Do you have tree nut allergies? Learn whether sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds are safe to eat on a tree nut-free diet.

Review of Beyond a Peanut flashcards, intended to teach children with tree nut and peanut allergies and their caregivers about how to recognize reactions, avoid unsafe situations, and know which foods are most likely to contain nuts.

Nut-Free Candy and Other Sweet Treats
A roundup of nut-free chocolatiers from around the Web, compiled by About.com's Parenting Special Needs Guide.

Tree Nut & Sesame Allergies
List of foods which fall under the "tree nut" category for allergic individuals, as well as common prepared foods which are likely to contain these ingredients. Includes a discussion on sesame allergies.

All About Hazelnut Allergies
Hazelnuts are among the most common triggers of nut allergies. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of hazelnut allergy.

Is Annatto a Nut?
Is annatto a nut? Or a seed? Or a fruit? If you have nut allergies, do you need to avoid annatto?

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