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Managing Food Allergies


People eat to live. But when food can make you sick, being in places where food is served can be immensely stressful. Learn techniques to keep yourself or your children allergy safe at home, school, work, or on the road.
  1. First Steps for Managing Food Allergies
  2. Smart Shopping with Food Allergies
  3. Food Allergy Safety
  4. Eating Out with Food Allergies
  5. Traveling with Food Allergies
  1. Cooking with Food Allergies
  2. Parenting Kids with Food Allergies
  3. Food Allergies in Schools
  4. Holidays and Celebrations with Food Allergies
  5. Developmental Expectations

First Steps for Managing Food Allergies

Adjusting to a new diagnosis of food allergies can be challenging. Learn tips and tricks to help manage your allergies and avoid reactions.

Smart Shopping with Food Allergies

grocery bag

With food allergies, grocery shopping becomes more complicated. Learn how to read labels and avoid your allergens, as well as where to buy allergy-friendly products and services. Find great gifts for people with food allergies.

Food Allergy Safety

Until there is a cure for food allergies, managing your allergies means avoiding your trigger foods and carrying emergency medication with you at all times. Learns tips to make food allergy safety easier.

Eating Out with Food Allergies

Plan ahead for a sucessful experience of eating out with food allergies. We have links to chain restaurant allergen lists, and dining guides for eating out.

Traveling with Food Allergies

Adjustments to your routine can cause problems, and travel can be among the biggest. From institutional food to language barriers, here are some tools for dealing with the issues you're likely to face on the road.

Cooking with Food Allergies

Food allergies mean more time spent in the kitchen. Cooking for an allergy can be daunting at first, especially if you're cooking for multiple allergies or pervasive allergies. Here are resources to make it simpler.

Parenting Kids with Food Allergies

Parents of children with food allergies experience more stress than parents of children with other chronic diseases. The need for contast vigalance can be overwhelming. Learn tips to keep yourself sane and your family relaxed while managing food allergies in babies, preschoolers, school children and teenagers.

Food Allergies in Schools

Beginning with preschool, parents of kids with severe allergies need to learn how to talk with school administrators. Parents also need to teach their kids food allergy safety, and create a plan that will balance children's social and emotional needs against their health requirements.

Holidays and Celebrations with Food Allergies

Let's face it - most holidays are about food. Whether it's sharing a big meal, exchanging candy as a token of affection, or canvassing the neighborhood for treats on Halloween, holidays can be difficult when you're dealing with a food allergy. Here are suggestions for navigating major holidays. Learn to reduce the role of food in the holiday gathering in creative ways as well as find creative substitutions for allergenic foods in your celebration.

Developmental Expectations

 All children move through certain, predictable developmental stages. Find out here what to expect from your child based on his age.

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