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Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards 2012


Updated October 01, 2012


The best of the best.


Each year, About.com hosts a Reader's Choice Award contest. Readers from around the globe nominate and vote on their favorite products and services. This year, I will be hosting the first Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

There are so many new wonderful food allergy products that I cannot personally review every one. (A good problem to have for those of us with food allergies!) So, I am opening up the opportunity to everyone - nominate and vote for your favorite products - for the foods you love, the products that work for you. This is your change to show a little love for the companies that work hard to create those special allergy-friendly products that make our lives a little easier. Or more tasty.

Nominations begin Jan. 18 and close Feb. 15. Voting on the top nominees will take place from Feb. 22 - March 21. Winners will be announced March 30.

There is no prize, but the winners will have the bragging rights that come with being recognized by the thousands of readers who vote on the award.

Nominate your favorite:

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