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Living with Food Allergies

All aspects of lifestyle for food allergy patients and their families.
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Food Allergies and Stress: Coping with the Emotional Toll of Food Allergies
Living with food allergies can be more stressful than living with cancer. Learn simple, practical strategies to manage your food allergy stress.

Food Allergy Survival Guide for the Holiday Season
Christmas parties and family celebrations can be stressful if you are dealing with food allergies. Learn how to have a happy and safe holiday season.

8 Great Gifts for Poeple With Food Allergies
What to get - and what not to get - for the people on your gift list who have food allergies.

Allergy Foods - Your Favorite Convenient Allergy Foods
Safe and convenient allergy-friendly foods can be expensive. Which products are worth shelling out for and which do you make yourself?

How to Lose Weight Safely With Food Allergies

Can I Bring My Own Food to a Company Dinner Because of Food Allergies?
Can you bring food to a company dinner if your allergies aren't accommodated? Learn about balancing food allergies and your work life.

Healthy and Inexpensive Allergy-Friendly Convenience Foods

No food is allergy-safe for everyone. There are too many foods that can cause allergy-symptoms to tout any one food as an allergy wonder food. But a few foods in your grocery store are real finds -- safe for a wide variety of allergies, nutritional powerhouses, quick, tasty, and cheaper than most foods aimed at consumers with allergies. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

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Eat at a Chain Restaurant
Hints and tips for eating fast food at chain restaurants if you have food allergies. Learn about fast food and food allergies.

Best Food Allergy Online Support of 2012
The results are in! Which site is the winner of the 2012 Reader's Choice Award for Best Food Allergy Online Support 2012?

Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards 2012
The results are in for the winners of the 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

Best Allergy-Friendly Sweets of 2012
The results are in for the winners of the 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

Best Medical ID Jewelry of 2012
The results are in for the winners of the 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

Best Food Allergy Mobile App 2012
The results are in for the winners of the 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

Best Auto-Injector Case of 2012
The results are in for the winners of the 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

Allergens in Medication
It's ironic that the medicine you take to make you healthy can cause an allergic reaction if you have a food allergy. Learn how to protect yourself from food allergens in medication.

Allergy-Safe Alternatives For Your Seder Plate
Celebrating Passover with a food allergy? Allergy-safe alternatives for eggs, charoset, matzah, and other essentials on your seder plate.

How to Allergy-Proof Your Christmas Tree
How to choose a Christmas tree and avoid indoor allergens at Christmas.

Twenty Great Food Allergy Cooking Substitutes

The best substitute for a given food isn't always one-to-one -- that is, sometimes the right substitute for an allergenic food depends on how you're using it. The best way to replace an ingredient for baking might be completely different than the way you'd replace it for eating raw, or for cooking briefly in a savory recipe. Nonetheless, here is a list of basic pantry staples and some useful…

Relatives Who Don't Get It
Everyone has one - that relative that refuses to believe your food allergies are real, or who just can't understand what they mean. Share your story about relatives who don't get it.

Halloween Safety Tips
Share your Halloween safety tips for parties or trick-or-treating with food allergies.

Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards 2012
Nominate and vote for your favorite food allergy products and services in different categories.

What is the Best Food Allergy App?
Readers rate food allergy apps for smartphones and touch-screen devices.See submissions

How Do I Dispose of an Expired or Used EpiPen?
Learn how to properly dispose of a used or expired EpiPen.

Allergy-Safe Easter Menu
Allergy-safe Easter menu, including holiday recipes suitable for multiple food allergies.

Dos and Don't For Buying Allergy-Safe Valentine's Candy
Five dos and don'ts for buying allergy-safe Valentine's Day candy.

Vegetarian Nutrition and Food Allergies
Is it possible to have a healthy vegetarian diet if you have food allergies? In all likelihood, yes -- even if you're allergic to soy. Find out what you need to know to balance your vegetarian or vegan diet with food allergies.

Food Allergy Business Spotlight: Skeeter Snacks
Learn more about Skeeter Snacks, an allergy-friendly company that makes peanut- and nut-free cookies.

Great Gifts for People with Food Allergies

Shopping for someone with a food allergy or an otherwise restricted diet? Looking to buy something meaningful to simplify their life? Search no further. Here are seven ideas for gifts to warm your allergic loved one's heart.

An interview with allergy-friendly business owner Lama Rimawi, M.D of...
An interview with allergy-friendly business owner Lama Rimawi, M.D of Tasterie.com.

My Severe Food Allergies Often Feel Overwhelming and Stressful. Is this Normal?
Are your severe food allergies (or your child's food allergies) causing you stress and anxiety? You're not alone. Find out why food allergies can be so stressful and learn some strategies for coping.

Tips for Safe Holidays with Food Allergies

Whether you're entertaining at your place or visiting family or friends, navigating major holidays with food allergies can be difficult. Well-meant gifts of food, plates of unsafe foods at child height, or dishes of unknown provenance at the dinner table can all cause reactions. But clear communication, well-placed offers of help, and alternatives to trigger foods are all useful in helping y…

Thanksgiving Menu
Enjoy Thanksgiving with food allergies with an entire allergy-safe Thanksgiving menu.

Food Allergy Clothing
Why an allergy alert t-shirt might be a good idea for your young child, and where to find food allergy t-shirts and other clothing.

Grocery Shopping for Food Allergies
Where can you find allergy safe food for food allergies? From warehouse clubs to health food stores, here's what to expect when you go grocery shopping.

My Food Facts: Food Allergy App for iPhone
Review of iPhone app that allows users to scan barcodes with their phones.

Frugal Living and Food Allergies
Between medical bills and special foods, food allergies and other conditions involving restrictive diets can cost you. Learn some money-saving tips to help you live a frugal life with food allergies.

Alcohol Allergies and Intolerances
Concerned about alcohol allergies or alcohol intolerances? Learn about how food allergies can affect your ability to drink alcoholic beverages.

Eating Out with Food Allergies
Eight tips for eating at restaurants with food allergies, from ordering to avoiding cross-contamination

Make Substitutions in Recipes
When a member of your family is diagnosed with an allergy, you don't have to throw away all your favorite cookbooks, or to ignore every recipe you come across that has a potential allergen. Here's a step-by-step guide to figuring out when substitutions can work, and which potential substitutes will give you the best results.

Preparing the School for Your Child with a Food Allergy
Tips and tools for preparing educators to work with a student with a severe allergy. Written specifically with an eye towards peanut allergies, but applicable to any student who might experience anaphylactic shock or another life threatening allergic reaction. From About.com's Parenting Special Needs Guide.

Romantic Allergy-Friendly Valentine's Day Candy
Sweet treats for your sensitive sweetie.

Preparing for Natural Disasters with Food Allergies
Learn what you need to do to be prepared for a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, or power outage if you have food allergies.

Jewish Holidays and Food Allergies
You can still enjoy the traditional foods of Jewish holidays such as Purim, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, and Sukkot with food allergies. Learn more about Jewish holiday foods and try recipes that have been adapted to be free of major allergens.

Best Medical Alert Jewelry - 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards
Nominate your favorite medical alert jewelry for the 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

Meet an Award Winner: WOWBUTTER by Hilton Soy Foods
Meet Alison DiBiasio, creator of the Epissentials auto-injector leg case that won the 2012 Reader's Choice Award for Best Auto-Injector Case.

Meet an Award Winner: Alison DiBiasio of Allergy Essentials USA
Meet Alison DiBiasio, creator of the Epissentials auto-injector leg case that won the 2012 Reader's Choice Award for Best Auto-Injector Case.

Food Allergy Business Spotlight: Allergy Free Mouse
An interview with allergy-friendly business owner Liz reynolds of Allergy Free Mouse.

Food Allergy Business Spotlight: Allergy Free Table
An interview with allergy-friendly business owner Julie Trone of Allergy Free Table.

7 Tips for an Allergic Reaction-Free Holiday
7 tips for preventing allergic reaction during the holidays.

The Downsides of Eating Out
Eating out with a food allergy can be challenging. Avoid these pitfalls and make your restaurant dining experience a success.

How To Tell Someone About Your Food Allergy
Telling someone about your food allergy and communicating your food allergy needs is a life skill that all people with food allergy need to know.

When You Have a Tree-Nut Allergy

Great Expectations: Food Allergy in the Child (6-12 years)
What can you expect from your food allergic child? Developmental changes, of course! Read about the development of your 6 to 12 year old child.

What Tugs on the Heartstrings of Food Allergic Families?
A review of quality of life issues in children and families with food allergy.

Great Expectations: Your Food Allergic Toddler (2 to 5 years)
The food allergic toddler goes through picky eating, food jags and fear of new food too! Read what to expect from your toddler here.

14 Hidden Allergens in Everyday Products
Food alone isn't the only concern when you have a food allergy. Check out these 14 items that may contain hidden allergens.

Great Expectations: Your Food Allergic Teen (13 – 18 years)
Teenagers are in a unique developmental stage, which can over-shadow their behaviors around food and eating. Learn what to expect of the teen with food allergies.

AllergyEats: Where Restaurants & Allergy-Friendly Meet

Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurants, 2014

What is Oral Immunotherapy for Egg Allergy?
Egg oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a treatment for egg allergies undergoing research. Find out the latest here.

What is Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) for Food Allergy?
Oral immunotherapy (OIT) for food allergy is a potential treatment option for people with food allergy. Understand what it's all about!

What is Oral Immunotherapy for Milk Allergy?
Oral immunotherapy for milk is under research investigation for potential treatment of milk allergy. Find out more here.

Outgrowing Food Allergies
Do you wonder if you or your child will outgrow a food allergy? Check out the latest information here.

Do You Have a Lupine Allergy?
Related to the peanut, lupine is a seed which may cause an allergic reaction.

Surprising Sources of Soy

12 Surprising Sources of Peanut
Read about these twelve surprising sources of peanut allergen the peanut-allergic person should avoid.

18 Surprising Foods that Contain Milk
Got a milk allergy? Check out these 18 surprising and unlikely foods with milk.

Curds and Whey

Alternative Milks: Options for Milk Allergy
When milk allergy exists, it's important to find a milk substitute that works for growth, development and well-being.

Youd Never Guess Where the Wheat is Hiding
If you're avoiding wheat due to a food allergy, you need to know where it's hiding. Check out these 22 foods with wheat.

Uncover Hidden Egg Ingredients
Reading the ingredient label isn't the only thing you have to worry about when you have an egg allergy. Check out this list of hidden egg ingredients in everyday food.

6 Essentials for Surviving Summer Camp with Food Allergies
Surviving summer camp with food allergies is possible if you have these 6 essentials on your side.

9 Healthy Habits for Food Allergies

6 Unhealthy Habits of Food Allergic People
These 6 unhealthy habits can deter a healthy lifestyle for food allergic people, and be disturbingly dangerous.

Getting Enough Vitamin D When You’re Food Allergic

Milk-free Sources of Vitamin D
If you have a milk allergy, you may be scrambling to find milk-free vitamin D foods. I've got 11 foods to help you boost your vitamin D intake.

Your Feeding Style Matters with Food Allergies
Your feeding style matters! It can help your food allergic child become a healthy, adventurous eater, or not.

How to Stop Catering to Your Food Allergic Family
Catering to food requests or picky eating commonly occurs in food allergic families. Learn 6 ways to stop catering to your food allergic family.

9 Peanut-free Alternatives to the Peanut Butter Sandwich
Looking for an alternative to the peanut butter sandwich? Check out these 9 peanut-free options.

How to Be Better at Feeding Your Food Allergic Child
Feeding your food allergic child is not always easy and pleasant. Is your feeding style is getting in the way? Here's how to be better at feeding your food allergic child here.

7 Nutrients You May be Missing with an Egg Allergy
Avoiding egg due to an egg allergy means you may miss out on important nutrients, such as iron, choline, selenium and zinc, and more.

5 Ways to Prevent Food Allergies in Your Baby
Want to know how to prevent food allergy development in your baby? Here are 5 ways to curb food allergies and help avoid them.

15 Milk-Free Snacks
What should you snack on if you have a milk allergy? Find 15 of the most nutritious, milk-free combinations here.

Milk-Free Snacks for the Picky Eater
Picky eaters are hard to feed, especially when they have a milk allergy. These 19 milk-free snacks for the picky eater will help!

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