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How to Write a Food Allergy Management Plan for Your Organization

Learn how to write a food allergy management plan to help your organization assure the safety of children with food allergies.

How To Cook Alcohol-Free

Learn about alcohol-free cooking and how you can adapt your recipes to accommodate alcohol abstinence or alcohol allergy.

How To Read Food Labels for Allergies

Reading food labels can save your life if you have a food allergy. Learn how from your About.com Guide to Food Allergies.

How To Decipher Food Labels for Allergies

Decipher food labels for allergies by learning what manufacturer claims are worth reading and which to be skeptical about.

How To Use EpiPen and Twinject Epinephrine Autoinjectors

User-friendly instructions for common epinephrine autoinjectors EpiPen and Twinject.

How To Administer Emergency Treatment for a Food Allergy

Do you know how to treat a food allergy emergency? Find out how to treat anaphylaxis (anaphylactic shock). You may save a life!

How To Keep a Food Log

A food log, or food diary, can be an effective tool for diagnosing food intolerances or allergies. Learn how to keep a food log here.

How To Make Substitutions in Recipes

When a member of your family is diagnosed with an allergy, you don't have to throw away all your favorite cookbooks, or to ignore every recipe you come across that has a potential allergen. Here's a step-by-step guide to figuring out when substitutions can work, and which potential substitutes will give you the best results.

How To Create an Allergy Emergency Kit

Here's what to stock, where to store it, and how to use and update a food allergy emergency kit.

How To Avoid Allergy Cross-Contamination

Even foods made without allergens aren't safe if they've come into contact with allergy-triggering foods. Here's how to avoid cross-contamination at home and in restaurants.

How To Prepare for Airline Travel with Food Allergies

How to prepare for airline travel with allergies, including severe peanut allergies.

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