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Finding Safe Food

Finding food you can eat can be a challenge. Here are some ideas for managing different social situations with food allergies and for finding safe food at the grocery store.

Allergy Foods - Your Favorite Convenient Allergy Foods
Safe and convenient allergy-friendly foods can be expensive. Which products are worth shelling out for and which do you make yourself?

Top 8 Tips for Eating Out with Allergies
Eating out can be daunting with food allergies. Ceding control of what goes on your plate can be intimidating, especially when the kitchen is behind closed doors and you can't be sure whether your waiter understands exactly what you mean by "allergic to dairy." Still, though, learning how to eat out with food allergies can greatly expand your social possibilities and give you a much-needed break from the kitchen. Read on for eight tips that can help you safely negotiate the rough-and-tumble world of restaurants.

Frugal Living and Food Allergies
Between medical bills and special foods, food allergies and other conditions involving restrictive diets can cost you. Learn some money-saving tips to help you live a frugal life with food allergies.

Avoid Allergy Cross-Contamination
Even foods made without allergens aren't safe if they've come into contact with allergy-triggering foods. Here's how to avoid cross-contamination at home and in restaurants.

Grocery Shopping for Food Allergies
Where can you find allergy safe food for food allergies? From warehouse clubs to health food stores, here's what to expect when you go grocery shopping.

Vegetarian Nutrition and Food Allergies
Is it possible to have a healthy vegetarian diet if you have food allergies? In all likelihood, yes -- even if you're allergic to soy. Find out what you need to know to balance your vegetarian or vegan diet with food allergies.

Eat at a Chain Restaurant
Hints and tips for eating fast food at chain restaurants if you have food allergies. Learn about fast food and food allergies.

Healthy and Inexpensive Allergy-Friendly Convenience Foods

No food is allergy-safe for everyone. There are too many foods that can cause allergy-symptoms to tout any one food as an allergy wonder food. But a few foods in your grocery store are real finds -- safe for a wide variety of allergies, nutritional powerhouses, quick, tasty, and cheaper than most foods aimed at consumers with allergies. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

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Can I Bring My Own Food to a Company Dinner Because of Food Allergies?
Can you bring food to a company dinner if your allergies aren't accommodated? Learn about balancing food allergies and your work life.

Make Substitutions in Recipes
When a member of your family is diagnosed with an allergy, you don't have to throw away all your favorite cookbooks, or to ignore every recipe you come across that has a potential allergen. Here's a step-by-step guide to figuring out when substitutions can work, and which potential substitutes will give you the best results.

Best Allergy-Friendly Sweets - 2012 Reader's Choice Awards
Nominate your favorite sweet treat that is allergy-friendly for the 2012 Reader's Choice Awards.

Can I Eat White Chocolate If I'm Sensitive to Chocolate?
Learn whether you can eat white chocolate with a chocolate allergy.

Best Peanut Butter Substitute - 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards
Nominate your favorite peanut butter substitute for the 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

Allergy-Friendly Easter Candy
The allergy-friendly Easter Bunny shops at companies that make delicious candies in dedicated allergen-free facilities.

Best Food Allergy App - 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards
Nominate your favorite food allergy app for the 2012 Food Allergy Reader's Choice Awards.

Meet an Award Winner: Jill Robbins of HomeFree
Meet Jill Robbins, founder of HomeFree, and winner of the Best Allergy-Friendly Sweets of 2012 for her delicious cookies.

Meet an Award Winner: Paul Antico of AllergyEats
Meet Alison DiBiasio, creator of the Epissentials auto-injector leg case that won the 2012 Reader's Choice Award for Best Auto-Injector Case.

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