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Most Common Food Allergies

Do you know what eight foods account for 50 - 90% of allergic reactions? Read more about the "Big Eight" food allergens here.
  1. Dairy Allergies (12)
  2. Egg Allergies (14)
  3. Wheat Allergies (15)
  4. Soy Allergies (6)
  5. Nut Allergies (11)
  6. Seafood Allergies (9)
  7. Other Food Allergies (7)
  8. Peanut Allergies (12)

The 8 Most Common Food Allergies
Do you know which eight foods cause the majority of allergic reactions in the United States? Learn more about the most common food allergies.

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Read about these twelve surprising sources of peanut allergen the peanut-allergic person should avoid.

Surprising Sources of Soy

18 Surprising Foods that Contain Milk
Got a milk allergy? Check out these 18 surprising and unlikely foods with milk.

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