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Food Allergies in Schools

Managing food allergies and keeping kids safe in the classroom & cafeteria


Updated July 15, 2011

Sending a child with severe food allergies off to school can be nerve-wracking for parents and teachers. There is no one best way to keep a child safe at school, but there are many strategies that schools are using that work. Learn more about how to manage food allergies at school, from the best cleaning products for peanut residue to tips for encouraging inclusiveness and avoiding food allergy bullying.

1. Strategies for Food Allergy Safety in Schools

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Schools have adopted different strategies for managing severe food allergies in the classroom and cafeteria. Learn the pros and cons of each strategy and gather information about what may work best in your situation.

2. How to Be Inclusive of a Child with Food Allergies

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Eight tips for making every school event or after-school activity safe and welcoming for children with food allergies.

3. How to Write a Food Allergy Management Plan

Written for organizations, after-school clubs and sports teams, this guide outlines how to write a food allergy management plan that will keep the children under your care safe and will assure that you are prepared for potential emergencies.

4. Cleaning for Peanut Allergies

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What is really needed to clean peanut residue and make schools safe for children with peanut allergies? Learn the results of medical studies on the effectiveness of different cleaning and handwashing techniques.

5. Safety Tips for Kids with Food Allergies

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Learn the top five things that you can do as a parent to keep your child with food allergies safe while they are away from home.

6. Do You Need a Section 504 Plan for Food Allergies?

A Section 504 Plan is a legal document that outlines how your child's allergies will be accomodated by his or her school. Learn when you may need a 504 Plan and how to get one for your child.

7. Peanut-Free, Nut-Free Snacks

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Try one of these simple, delicious snacks for your next school celebration. All are free of peanuts and nuts, and many are free of the eight most common food allergies. 

8. Medical Alert Jewelry for Kids

Check out one of these retailers of creative medical alert jewelery. Your child may be more willing to keep her medical ID on if it reflects her personality and style. Fortunately you can now find medical alert jewlery in everything from soccer-themed sports bands to teddy bear charms. 

9. How to Assemble a Teacher Information Packet

Terri Mauro, Guide to Special Needs Kids, has assembled downloadable information about food allergies and advice on talking to your child's teacher before school begins. 

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