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Easter Baskets for Children with Food Allergies


Updated March 06, 2012

A little advance planning is all you need to build a wonderful Easter basket for a child with food allergies. Follow these tips for an allergy-friendly Easter basket that any child will enjoy:

1. Stuff Plastic Easter Eggs with Small Toys

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Think outside of the (candy) box.  Hide small toys in plastic Easter eggs, such as:

  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Polished rocks or crystals (You can often buy these by the bag at museums)
  • Modeling dough
  • Tiny stuffed animals
  • Rings, necklaces, or bracelets
  • Plastic bugs, frogs, or other small plastic animals
  • Legos or other building toy parts

2. Add Fun, Non-Food Items

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Add some inexpensive toys to the basket, such as:

  • Crayons, pencils, water colors, or other art supplies
  • Books about Easter or spring
  • Toy musical instruments, such as maracas
  • Rubber ducks or other bath toys
  • Dolls or action figures
  • Child-sized garden tools, watering can, gloves, and seed packets
  • Sand toys, buckets, shovels, etc. (This works best if you live in a place where there isn’t snow on the ground at Easter!)

3. Seek Out Allergy-Friendly Candy

Chocolate Bunnies
Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Some national brands of candy may be safe for your allergies. Always check ingredients and allergy warnings, and if necessary, call the company to make sure that the food is safe.

Alternatively, seek out companies that make candy in dedicated allergen-free facilities. Buying from an allergy-friendly company brings peace of mind, and supports businesses that support the food allergy community.

4. Make Homemade Goodies

Jeanette Bradley, licensed to About.com

If your child has multiple food allergies, it may be easier and safer to make treats at home rather than buying them. Try one of these recipes:

5. Top off the Basket with a Stuffed Animal

Jeanette Bradley, licensed to About.com

A plush bunny, chick, or lamb sitting on top of the basket ties everything together, and gives the basket instant appeal to a child. If your child has asthma or environmental allergies as well as food allergies, consider buying an allergy-friendly stuffed animal, designed to be washed.

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