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Food Allergy Blogroll

Blogs focusing on food allergy issues.

Allergy-Friendly Website Profiles
Meet the owners of allergy-friendly internet businesses and learn more about what each website has to offer.

Parenting a Child with a Food Allergy
A blog about parenting allergic children at every stage of their lives.

Allergic Child

Please Don't Pass the Nuts
A blog by Allergic Girl, a New Yorker with multiple food allergies.

Ruth Schaffer's Allergizer blog, which focuses on a wide range of allergy-related issues and news.

Allergy Moms
Gina Clowes's Allergy Moms blog, with a special focus on allergy advocacy and parenting issues.

All things allergy, asthma, and eczema

Peanut Free Mama
One mom's diary of raising a peanut-allergic daughter.

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