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Other Food Allergies

It is possible to be allergic to just about any food. Information on sesame, chocolate, alcohol, and other less-common allergies.

Fruit and Vegetable Allergy
Does your mouth tingle, itch, or swell after eating fresh fruits or vegetables? You may have oral allergy syndrome.

Sesame Allergy
Sesame allergies are a growing problem, and in many countries are among the most common food allergies.

Sulfite Allergy
Wondering about sulfite allergy? Learn the basics of sulfite allergy -- how sulfites can cause asthma in people with sulfite allergy, which foods are high in sulfites, and how to dine out safely with a sulfite allergy.

Histamine Intolerance
Do you get "red wine headaches" or think you have a histamine intolerance? Learn about the symptoms, treatment, and what to avoid on a histamine-free diet.

Apple Allergy
Does your mouth tingle or itch or swell after eating apples? You may have an apple allergy.

Citric Acid Allergy
What is citric acid? Is it possible to be allergic to citric acid but not citrus fruits? What are the symptoms of sensitivity to citric acid?

I Get Sick When I Eat Chocolate. Is There Such a Thing as a Chocolate Allergy?
Some people get sick whenever they eat chocolate, but does a true chocolate allergy exist? Learn the truth about the allergens that can make you sick.

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