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New Year, New You?

By January 3, 2012

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New Year's Eve is past, and it that time of year again - the time when we make promises to ourselves, and then often quickly break them. This year, resolve to make small changes and stick with them, rather than grandiose plans that won't last.

If you have, or suspect you have, a food allergy or intolerance, vows to eat better and be healthier in the new year need a little extra planning.

  • If you suspect something in your diet is making you sick, and you resolve to find out what it is and change your diet, check out our  guide to safe elimination diets.

Remember that you are more likely to incorporate small changes into your life permanently. So instead of trying to create a new you by the end of the month, try just cleaning out your pantry and learning one new recipe. Next month work on another step. By the end of the year, you will have a new you, and it will be one that sticks around.

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