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Milk-Free, Soy-Free Recipes for New Moms

By October 24, 2007

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I don't remember much about the month or so after my daughter was born --- that time is mostly a blur. I do remember having problems with latching on, having to supplement what I could pump with formula, and discovering early on that my child was lactose intolerant.

I was lucky --- exceedingly so. My pediatrician suggested I switch to soy formula before trying a hydrolyzed formula, and for my daughter this worked beautifully. But soy is a common allergen, and many children who don't tolerate dairy don't tolerate soy either. And this isn't just a problem for mothers whose children drink formula. Soy is one of the more widely used alternatives to cow's milk (in addition to being a common ingredient in its own right), and so breastfeeding mothers whose children are intolerant of both dairy and soy are likely to find it difficult to take in sufficient calories while avoiding both of these protein-rich ingredients.

This is the predicament that led Bernadette Geyer to start Nursing Mom Recipes. Geyer's daughter was intolerant of milk and soy and unable to tolerate hydrolyzed formula, so breastfeeding on an elimination diet was Geyer's sole option. The Nursing Mom Recipes website features milk- and soy-free recipes, nutrition information for breastfeeding women, and lists of ideas for families who need quick-to-cook dishes free of these two common allergens. Definitely of interest not only to new parents, but to anyone looking for healthful meals free from soy and dairy.

October 25, 2007 at 1:56 pm
(1) Bettie Cross says:

I had an appointment this morning and missed the segment about food allergies
I sure would appreciate it if you would send it to me. Bettie Cross

August 1, 2009 at 10:20 pm
(2) Danielle says:

With Soy and Milk allergies being so common. Why is there no filter for either/or/both on common grocery store websites?

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